Better Grip for Increased Control

The RDX F7 training and sparring gloves are an excellent option if you're searching for gloves that provide protection as well as performance. Your hands are secure whether sparring or training thanks to the reinforced covering and Quadra Dome-3TM padding. Even during strenuous exercises, you can maintain total control over every motion thanks to their exceptional design, which enables great grip control.

Spar with Comfort and Confidence

Our gloves are especially made with high-quality Maya hide leather, which ensures optimal comfort and tough durability. Wearing one of our excellent gloves will allow you to take even the hardest shots without flinching. You'll be able to outlast your opponent and quickly level up your blows with these gloves!

A Consistently Perfect Fit 

Boxing training is made easy with the Quick-EZTM Hook-and-loop wrist strap on training and sparring gloves. These boxing gloves have an adjustable strap that fits snugly and securely while making size adjustments simple, allowing you to keep your hands comfortable no matter how hard you hit the bag.

Take A Confident Shot in the Ring

Entering the ring without the appropriate cushioning is not a concern when it comes to training and sparring gloves. Securing a safe training or sparring session is ensured by the Quadra Dome-3TM padding, which offers maximum shock resistance.

Train in Style And Comfort

Gloves with optimal airflow are crucial, whether you're practicing for a fight or just honing your skills. Even during intense punch mitt drills or scorching sparring sessions, the S.P.PTM Ventilation system in RDX training gloves is engineered to drain away perspiration and keep your hands as cool as possible.

Improved Form and Wrist Support

If you're a fan of boxing, you understand how crucial good form is to landing the ideal blow. If, however, your wrists require more support, it may be challenging to keep proper form. But with the wrist support provided by the sparring glove, perfecting your punch technique is now simpler than ever!

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