RDX Inner Boxing Gloves


RDX Inner Gloves Hook & Loop

The three terms stand for the endeavor that every person may relate to: improving oneself. Without regard to skill, color, or culture, our goal is to reach our full potential here. We succeed in doing this together by using the challenges of yesterday as stepping stones for today.

What distinguishes our products?

We have used a global network to source and process our handcrafted items since 1999. Our long-lasting, reasonably priced items are beneficial for bodybuilding, yoga, boxing, mixed martial arts, and muay thai.

Why do we enjoy our jobs?

With every blow, we are made to aid in self-improvement and join our clients on their trip. In collaboration with our valued customers, we intend to relocate, enhance, and develop.


Product Features

  • Neoprene: Premium neoprene fabric is masterfully crafted into these inner gloves. Comfort, tear resistance, and heat replenishment are all promised by the material. Neoprene materials are supple and flexible for an extended period of time. These gloves are ideal for performing various low-impact workouts. Wear them for boxing, Muay Thai, MMA training, kickboxing, and more to ensure maximum protection.
  • Supremo-Shock foam: The unique X-foam padded slab used in the construction of our under gloves evenly distributes a strong force of impact across the surface area. It ensures that you will be shielded from any harmful blows. When subjected to intense pressure, it offers more resistance.
  •  Silicon dotted grip- Because boxing inner gloves are multipurpose and may be used in the gym, they are injected with silicon dotted grip on the palms to prevent calluses. The grip will help the delicate areas of the palm that are most vulnerable to cuts and skin irritation. It also guarantees comfort and stability when carrying hefty loads.
  • Stability and Security: When choosing light sparring with the under gloves, the long quick EZ hook-and-loop closure offers the necessary stability and security. You can hit against the mitts or improve your hand-eye coordination and precision when practicing against the speed ball. Maximum wrist flexion, comfort adjustment, and balanced wrist stability are all made possible by the extra-long strap.
  • Better Design-These inner gloves are deliberately contrived in a unique open thumb design which offers optimal use of hands. Open thumb designs fit comfortably and secure the gloves from sliding. Half finger offers required ventilation and natural grip. It also encourages stronger hold during grappling and weightlifting.

If you like switching up training routines in-between your workout sessions then these boxing inner gloves are perfect for fitness enthusiasts in you. Condition the knuckles against the bags or wear them under your boxing gloves for additional protection. Go rounds of punching or switch to weights, kettlebells or bars between each drill.

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