Boxing Training Gloves By RDX

RDX Boxing Gloves Review (2023)

RDX has you covered whether you're looking for Boxing gloves or a Muay Thai sparring model. Both competition versions and top-notch entry-level boxing gloves are available from RDX Sports.

 For its outstanding quality and originality, RDX Sports stands out. This manufacturer is constantly willing to follow the customer experience and works round-the-clock to bring in new ideas. The newest standards are followed in the production of gloves and other RDX goods. The company is always improving their products. 


These RDX Boxing Gloves are made to last since they are made of strong Maya hide leather. Your hands will stay cool and dry thanks to the innovative S.P.PTM ventilation design, which provides unrivaled breathability and comfort. Injury risk is decreased by the lightweight Quadra Dome-3TM padding's equal impact distribution. A secure and personalized fit is ensured by the movable hook-and-loop wrist strap, and the ergonomic design provides a pleasant grip. These gloves are offered in several sizes to accommodate various hand sizes.

 Boxing Brilliance: RDX Gloves' Superior Design

 The majority of RDX models are made from top-notch, long-lasting Maya hide leather or imitation leather, which enhances the product's overall performance and longevity. Real cowhide leather is used in the stitching of certain more costly versions.

 Most goods have distinctive ventilation holes that offer unmatched comfort and breathability. Even if you practice Muay Thai or boxing in the world's hottest climates, your hands will perspire less!

 To improve your striking technique, RDX offers genuine leather gloves with outstanding palm protection. With RDX, you can pound a heavy bag as hard as you want while wearing hand wraps and not worry about hand damage.


The RDX Boxing Gloves' Comfort And Design

 This well-known company mixes cutting-edge modern design with pretty decals and stunning graphics. Numerous distinct color schemes and prints are available.

 On the exterior, the gloves appear extremely contemporary. Please be cautious though, since the sizing chart is a little more challenging to interpret.

 Every single user in the whole world gets access to brand-new, well-padded training gear. You may always get pricey, specially made gloves if you have more money. In contrast to other brands, RDX is flexible and offers more possibilities.


Features and benefits of RDX Gloves

In addition to the ergonomic design, which promotes an easy and comfortable grip, several versions come with hook-and-wrist straps for a secure and customized fit.


When buying starter gloves, adjustable straps are a wonderful option because a novice isn't familiar with technical settings. Because novices are seeking for "an acceptable" setting rather than experienced fighters who know how tight gloves should be based on their own experience, RDX is a good choice for all training levels.

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