Women MMA grappling training Gloves Pink


Invest in RDX Grappling Gloves to completely change the way you fight! These incredible gloves are built to resist even the most rigorous training because they are crafted from sturdy Maya hide leather. The gloves will endure a long time thanks to the industrial grade stitching, so there won't be a need for regular replacements or hesitancy when it comes time to buy. You won't be sorry if you embrace those hard sparring moments with RDX Gear!

Optimal Convenience and Comfort

Readjusting your gloves all the time makes it difficult to concentrate on what really matters, which is giving a great performance. That will no longer be an issue, according to the RDX training gloves! They feature an open palm design for optimal ventilation, premium sweat-wicking material, and an easy-to-use EZ Hook and Loop fastening system. Why wait when you can choose RDX Training Gloves and never compromise on comfort?


Better Performance and Protection

The women's RDX grappling gloves are designed to increase efficiency while protecting your hands. This is where RDX comes into play, allowing you to fight fearlessly and confidently without having to worry about getting wounded. Your treasured hands are protected by their three layers of cushioning and contouring characteristics, which also offer an optimum fit that feels like second skin. Enjoy yourself; you have the safety of RDX gloves on your side!

More Support for the Wrist

These amazing combat gloves not only provide exceptional comfort and hand protection, but they also provide unparalleled wrist support. Maximum wrist support and stability are delivered by EZ hook and loop straps, giving you more control when you hit with force. With every blow, these sturdy straps ensure precise alignment, improving the delivery of power!



Ergonomic, Pre-Curved Design

Pre-curved, ergonomic RDX Training and Grappling gloves include segmented finger design for optimal gripping force and the best possible fist formation. These gloves fit well because of their ergonomic shaping. Clunky or ill-fitting equipment won't interfere with your training any more!


Thorough Training in Your Selected Color

Women's RDX grappling gloves are the perfect accent to complete your ferocious look.

In addition to offering the highest protection and comfort due to their exceptional material and state-of-the-art technology, they come in three stylish colors: pink, white, or black. They will also make you stand out in any circumstance that life throws at you.

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